The Fresh Guide book for IMVU - 2019

So far, by registering your accounts, you’ve decided on your username, and the way your avatar appears on IMVU. When I first created my IMVU account, I used the main IMVU website, where different segments included starter avatars. It looked kind of like this.

When making an account of the particular section, I would advise picking an avatar where you like the clothes they are wearing, since you will almost certainly wish to change the epidermis, hair, and head anyways. Simply speaking, this avatar is temporary, and you’re going to have it until you gather enough credits to produce your own outfit.

The IMVU mobile program is a lot different. You can personalize your avatar in a lot of different ways than you can on the website, and you receive all the clothes you see in the creation area regardless of what you put on your own avatar. Also, a few of the clothes and hair that they give you on the program are considered” trendy.” I honestly wish I had made my accounts on the program, and I would have more clothes and hair.

You can always start over if you don’t like how it is, but it could be more difficult for you in the long term if you keep making new accounts. I discovered this the hard way and wasted a lot of time making new accounts.

The main IMVU cheats we have uncovered for making an account would be to choose your username and starter avatar wisely. Later, unless you produce a new account, if you want to change your username, then you will have to pay to do so.

1. Credits

Out of everything, I’m convinced this is what newcomers are most curious about. And I know it’s a struggle getting credit, so this segment is particularly important. Purchasing them.

First of all, one way to get credits is to buy them. You can buy credits using the IMVU program, the IMVU website, or by purchasing a gift card and redeeming it. This is the simplest way to get credits- if you have money. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t. XD Fortunately, however, there are various additional ways that you can get credits if you don’t have money to get them.

2. Daily Spin

Another method to get credits would be on the IMVU program or the IMVU Next website. Every 24 hours that they supply you with a daily twist. That can be slow, however, and you can get between 10-50 credits based on what you land on, and that’s only if you land on credits. You might also get things from the wishlist on the daily twist should you land on the shirt icon. That is exactly what the daily spin resembles.

3. Use

The simplest way to acquire credits for people who DON’T have money is by earning them. Even this step takes time and effort, but you receive credits lol. You can use to earn free IMVU credit.

4. Make New Friends

New friends, new adventures! Take the IMVU experience wherever you go, and make friends in just a few taps!

Here's how:

  1. From Home, tap on Search tile (visible when scrolling down) and enter the avatar name or email of the user you wish to add.
  2. Tap on the avatar name that appears on the results. This will pull up the user's Profile Card.
  3. Tap the 3 Dots (More Options) on the Profile Card, and tap Add Friend. A friend request will now be sent to the user!

To accept friend requests:

  1. From Home, tap on the Friends tile (visible when scrolling down).
  2. The top section will show how many pending friend requests you have. Click on View All.
  3. Tap on the checkmark to accept a friend request, or on the gray X to Ignore it.
  4. easy! Make new friends every day with IMVU Mobile!

5. Get inspiration from others

In case you have seen other folks' profile and pics they seem awesome, that is because their AVI images were either edited, their profiles are DIV layouts, etc.. Websites should be listed that do them free and give you the code. They seem difficult to see, but they are not. Watch up some YouTube videos for editing AVI pics. Try downloading GIMP. GIMP is used for editing AVI pics and which makes them seem cool.

6. Focus on pleasure rather than improvement.

You can’t get” better” at IMVU. Even the IMVU avatars can definitely seem more” better,” but you can’t get better at IMVU, the game itself. Always remember just to be yourself. Ignore those haters who might telephone you a” noob”; they’re probably a noob (that is the reason why they could call you a noob). Also keep in mind that we have not any” noobs,” only new people with different preferences than other members who’ve been around IMVU for quite a while.

7. Utilize Shop Creator

They are purchasing Name/AP/Age Verification/VIP. All these are things you’ll be able to buy that a guest would not have. Shop Creator is just another title for Developer. They’ve Guest eliminated from their title forever. Basically, they are the ones who create the stuff you purchase. It’s not only all IMVU producing those things.

Creating is hard, but you’ll get the hang of it by watching tutorials on YouTube. Purchasing your title is when you really like your title and don’t need anyone else to own it. Changing your username as you don’t need your old one is generally around $12.95. AP is accessibility Pass and is for people who are 18 years old or older.

It’s usually pointless. However, you can do things a guest could not do like purchase sexual things, poses, etc..

Age Verification is basically what it sounds like: changing the era of exactly what your profile says. VIP is Very Important People, who have different poses along with other things everyone else would not have, such as making more than 1 chat room.

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